Steloy Technology

The casting of high-alloy steels demands the use of modern production methods, advanced technologies and highly trained and experienced technicians to effectively utilize these cutting edge tools.

Producing castings correctly from the first pour is crucial for success.

We take your casting design and produce a 3D computer model with the latest version of SolidWorks and Cimatron. These models include all the required casting taper angles, radiuses, gating and risers that are necessary for producing a sound casting.

Steloy then utilizes this 3D model with the most current Computer Solidification Modeling software available from Magmasoft. This software, paired with our experienced foundry technicians, ensures accuracy of the castings methods before the first kilo of metal is poured. Multiple simulations are run on each designed casting to predetermine integrity and quality levels.

With this predicted and proven casting system now confirmed, Steloy then transfers this data to our pattern machining centers to produce the required pattern for production to begin. Patterns are cut by one of our three Computer Numeric Control (CNC) routers ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

In addition to the standard pattern production method, Steloy has a large 5 axis router with a 3 x 4 meter bed that can be used to produce complex direct molds, something that is not possible with standard pattern to mold technology. This direct mold technology allows for large, low volume, casting production while keeping costs down.

Proper alloy creation is critical to performance.

That is why Steloy creates every alloy, utilizing stabile, locally sourced South African raw materials with our numerous, clean melting, induction furnaces. Each custom produced “melt” is rigorously tested to national standards with the use of one of our five (5) Optical Emission Spectrometers. We chose Thermo Scientific’s ARL 3460, the Swiss made, state of the art optical emission spectrometers to certify every melt. Steloy checks for trace elements during certification so you can be ensured our alloys will perform.

Throughout the creation process and until the casting is in your hands, we monitor, record, and schedule each castings as it moves through the foundry with our custom Enterprise Resource Planning / Material Requirements Planning (ERP/MPR) software.

At Steloy, we know that we must stay on the cutting edge to ensure the highest quality product.

With this goal, we continue to invest in the latest technology and newest equipment on an ongoing basis. Additionally, we are committed to the continued training and education of our technicians.

Steloy’s dedication to quality and performance provides you with the confidence and security of knowing your castings will be of the caliber you demand.