Steloy Products

Petrochemical & Refining

Steloy produces custom furnace supports and process tube castings, made of heat resistant alloys, manufactured for industrial fired and process heaters.

Typical applications include radiant and convection castings for:

  • Crude heater
  • Vacuum heater
  • Cylindrical heater
  • Delayed coker heater
  • CCR platfomer
  • Cabin heater
  • Reformer (hydrogen)
  • Pyrolysis furnaces (ethylene)
  • Synfuel –coal –to-liquids (CTL)

Steloy manufactures centrifugal cast wet and dry rolls, skid plates, Radiant Tube Assemblies (RTA) for plate and annealing lines, Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) reformers.

Commercial Heat Treatment

Steloy casts trays, retorts, furnace doors, hangers, brackets, grates, Radiant Tube Assemblies (RTAs), muffle ends, furnace rollers and walking beam castings.


Steloy supplies a range of components to the cement industry. These include feed chutes and grates, kiln liners hot and wear types, as well as burners.

Pump & Valve

Specializing in stainless steels, nickel-based corrosion resistant alloys, carbon steels and low alloy steels, we produce castings for applications where severe corrosion, high pressures and high or cryogenic temperatures are prevalent. Typical applications include the petrochemical (exploration and refining), mining and food & beverage industries as well as desalination, fertilizer and chemical plants.

Power Generation

Components for boilers and heaters range from furnace tubes, burners and grids to pump casings, housings and impellers. The main components for the handling of steam are valve bodies, pump casings, bodies and impellers, used primarily for condensate management.