Steloy Alloys

Image: Nickel alloy pile
Image: molten metal being cast
It is all about our Alloys.

Steloy takes the necessary steps to ensure all of our stainless,
super alloys and carbon steels are clean and ready to perform to your requirements.

Steloy adheres to international industry standards in producing our alloys
including ASTM, DIM, EN, BS and SEW standards for cast alloys.

With over 200 alloys, we have the base material selection to meet
your challenging process environments.


We produce these typical Stainless and Low Alloys weekly including:
Image: Chrome alloy pile
  • Corrosion Resistant: CF-8, CF-3, CF-8M, CF-3M
  • Heat Resistant Alloys: HT, HU, HC, HX, HH, HK, HP micro, 35/45micro
  • Martensitic and Ferritic Alloys: CA-15, CA-40, CA-6NM
  • Duplex Alloys: CD-4MCu, 225, CD3MCuN, CD-6MN
  • Steel and Low Alloy: WCB, LCC, LCB, C5
  • Special Cast Alloys: Steloy 50/50, Steloy 825


Image: Steloy Castings engineers photo
Proper alloy creation is critical to performance.

That is why Steloy creates every alloy, utilizing stabile, locally sourced South African raw materials with our numerous, clean melting, induction furnaces. Each custom produced “melt” is rigorously tested to national standards with the use of one of our five (5) Optical Emission Spectrometers.

We chose Thermo Scientific’s ARL 3460, the Swiss made, state of the art optical emission spectrometers to certify every melt.

Steloy checks for trace elements during certification so you can be ensured our alloys will perform.